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Planning for late life and beyond can feel overwhelming. It’s a subject few of us like to think about. But a little planning now can save significant time, money, headache and stress later on – both for you and for those you love. At The McGarity Group, our attorneys provide a range of estate planning services. We work with Georgia clients in the greater Atlanta area to create wills and trusts that help ensure that their property is distributed according to their wishes after they have passed.

We also assist families with probate, the process of reviewing a will and settling an estate. Our attorneys help clients throughout Gwinnett County and the surrounding areas create thorough estate plans and assist them in navigating the probate process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Creating A Comprehensive Estate Plan To Protect Your Family And Your Legacy

It can be difficult to imagine what life will be like for your family once you are gone. It is important to plan for their future while you are still here. Our attorneys will work with you to secure their financial well-being through the creation of a customized estate plan. An estate plan may involve the use of:

  • Wills: A will is the most important estate planning tool – a necessity even for those with small estates or complex trusts. We draft wills that clearly state your wishes concerning the distribution of your assets after your death. Without a will, a decedent’s property passes to their descendants according to Georgia law, creating outcomes that can differ greatly from what the decedent would have chosen.
  • Trusts: For clients who want a greater level of control over how and when assets are distributed, we assist in the creation of trusts. Trusts allow your investments to continue to generate income. We design trusts that are flexible enough to accommodate situations that may arise in the future. Additionally, many of our clients choose to create trusts so their families can bypass the probate process.
  • Advance directive for health care: Sometimes referred to as a living will, this document spells out your instructions for medical care and end-of-life care in the event that you become incapacitated (unable to make or communicate decisions for yourself).
  • Durable power of attorney: You can designate someone you trust to make important decisions and act on your behalf if you ever lose mental capacity, such as developing Alzheimer’s. Depending on the arrangement you choose, the person with power of attorney could oversee your financial matters, your medical care or both. Designating a power of attorney can prevent the need for guardianship proceedings, which are much more expensive and stressful and have less certain outcomes.
  • Charitable giving: Many clients wish to create special provisions in their wills or trusts to leave assets to organizations that they supported during their life. Our attorneys have experience helping clients achieve their charitable planning goals.

Your estate plan can and should be highly tailored to you. Since these documents will be the final word on your wishes, they need to be clear, thorough and legally sound. Our lawyers can help you create an estate plan that meets all of these requirements and minimizes the risk of a contested will or other disputes.

Understanding The Georgia Probate Process

When someone passes away, their estate needs to be settled. This is typically done through the probate process. We work with an estate’s personal representative or executor to:

  • Collect assets and have them appraised
  • Sell any assets necessary to pay debts and taxes
  • Distribute the remaining property according to the will and other documents

Our attorneys know how hard it is to lose someone you love, so we do everything in our power to lessen the additional stress of the probate process. Our attorneys help clients carry out these procedures efficiently so that the estate can be closed, and the representative can be discharged from their duty. When possible, we seek to help our clients avoid the probate process with the approval of a court.

Sometimes, estate-related problems or disputes arise that threaten the very estate assets at issue. As experienced courtroom litigators, our attorneys can represent your interests in litigation related to trusts or other aspects of the estate.

Ours Is The Firm To Contact When You Need Help With Wills, Trusts Or Probate

When it comes to estate law, you need an attorney who can work with your family from start to finish. At The McGarity Group, we help clients draft wills and create trusts. When the time comes, we assist families in settling estates. To schedule a consultation with one of our attentive and caring lawyers, contact us online or call us at 770-932-8477. Our firm is based in Buford, and we serve clients throughout northern Georgia.