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If your injury is the result of another person’s careless, reckless or illegal behavior, Georgia law gives you the right to hold that party liable for the consequences of their actions. At The McGarity Group, we understand that your focus must be on recovering and trying to regain your health. Let us concentrate on fighting with the insurance companies and other parties liable to pay for your damages. We use every resource available to recover as much as we can for you.

Comprehensive Representation After Nearly Any Type Of Injury

Our attorneys have guided many accident victims through difficult times. We are proficient in negotiating with insurance companies to obtain a positive result for you. We provide you with top-quality representation in the following types of accident injuries:

  • Vehicle accidents: We represent those injured in motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more. We also represent injured pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Brain and head injuries: Serious brain injuries are devastating. Our brains control all our functions, from movement and higher thought to emotion and personality, so traumatic brain injuries can leave the victim permanently disabled. Head injuries that do not include damage to the brain also can be severe.
  • Neck and head injuries: The neck is a relatively exposed and unprotected area of the body, so it is particularly vulnerable to potentially serious injuries caused by a blunt trauma compression injury and sudden extreme movement of the head. Neck injuries are often associated with head injuries and are commonly caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports-associated trauma, falls from significant heights, diving into shallow water, physical fights and other types of trauma.
  • Spinal injuries: Trauma to the spinal cord can cause permanent disability or loss of movement and sensation below the area where the injury occurs. This loss of movement is called paralysis. Medical bills associated with spinal injuries can be overwhelming.
  • Burn injuries: Common causes of burn injuries include heat, electricity, chemicals, radiation or friction. Whether you have a first-degree or fourth-degree burn, your medical expenses can be extensive.
  • Slip-and-falls and other dangerous property injuries: When you slip and fall, it is common to injure your hands, elbows, shoulders or wrists trying to catch yourself. If you trip, you may sprain or fracture your ankles, knees or hips. These injuries can be painful and involve costly medical expenses. Georgia’s premises liability laws allow you to seek financial recovery from negligent property owners.
  • Dog bites: When a dog attacks a person, especially a child, the consequences can be severe. Common injuries associated with dog bites and attacks include contraction of a disease, permanent scarring, disfigurement and emotional trauma.
  • Injuries caused by defective products: If you are injured by a defective product or due to a failure to warn of dangers associated with the item, we can help you determine who is liable for your injuries. Examples of parties that may be responsible include designers, manufacturers, suppliers, marketers or repairers of the consumer product.
  • Medical malpractice: Each year many innocent people are killed, maimed or severely injured by medical negligence. If you can prove there is liability or malpractice, the patient or his or her family is entitled to damages.

When you are injured or a loved one suffers wrongful death due to the negligence of another party, our attorneys are ready to help. We closely monitor your recovery, and when the time is right, we either make a claim or file a lawsuit on your behalf. Our goal is to obtain every penny due to you.

Holding Businesses And Individuals Responsible For Overserving Alcohol

Many states across the nation have dram shop laws. This legislation provides pathways to justice for people who suffer property damage or injuries or who pass away because of an alcohol-selling establishment serving a visibly drunk person.

Our state has the Georgia Dram Shop Act, called O.C.G.A. § 51-1-40 in the Georgia code. Under this law, people can file lawsuits against vendors or social hosts who serve alcohol to minors or noticeably intoxicated people, knowing they will be driving soon.

Let’s say an innocent third party gets hit by a drunk driver on a Saturday night, leaving them severely injured and their car a total loss. Upon investigation, police discover the intoxicated driver had been drinking at a bar in town before the accident. The bartender could tell the person was drunk and knew they had to drive themselves home, but kept serving them anyway. In this instance, the accident victim could file a lawsuit against the bar under the Georgia Dram Shop Act and potentially get compensation to help them pay their medical bills and buy another car. 

This law also applies if the same were to happen, but instead, the drunk driver was a minor and had been drinking at a friend’s house. The accident victim would then file a lawsuit against the drunk driver’s friend or their parents. This is referred to as social host liability. Both businesses and individuals can be held responsible for overserving alcohol under the Georgia Dram Shop Act.

Seeking Justice For Victims Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Property owners are legally obligated to keep their premises safe for people who visit or use them. This includes keeping walkways free of hazards, clearly marking hazards they can’t address immediately, or otherwise altering people to the danger. If they fail in their duty and someone gets hurt, the injured person can file a lawsuit against the property owner. This is referred to as premises liability.

Say a bottle of oil broke in a grocery store aisle, leaving broken glass and a puddle of the slippery substance on the floor. A shopper, reasonably expecting the floor to be free of oil and debris, walks down the aisle, scanning the shelves for the item they need. Unaware of the spill because it was unmarked, and no staff member had warned them about it, they slip on it and fall, needing to go to the hospital for their injuries. This shopper would be entitled to file a lawsuit against the grocery store, potentially holding them responsible for the incident and recovering compensation to offset their medical expenses.

Recovering For Your Losses And Getting Life Back To Normal

Personal injury losses extend way beyond the cost of a visit to the doctor. Our attorneys look at the full effect of the accident on your life, including (but not limited to) the following costs:

  • Medical bills: Initial visit to a doctor or the emergency room, follow-up visits, and therapy
  • Lost wages: The loss of income while you cannot work
  • Physical and emotional suffering: The pain of injury, including mental anguish caused by the trauma of the accident and its results
  • Permanent disability: The costs of caring for yourself or your family in the event that you can no longer handle the responsibilities of everyday life
  • Disfigurement: The effects that permanent scars and other disfigurement will have on your life
  • Punitive damages: Additional damages if it is found that the negligent party has acted with malice or disregard for the law

Our goal is to maximize the amount you recover for these and any other compensable losses.

What Our Skilled And Caring Lawyers Can Do For You

Our attorneys have overseen hundreds of these types of cases with very successful results for clients. We handle all aspects of your personal injury claim. Here’s what you can expect as a client:

  • We treat you with compassion. We listen to your situation to learn not only what has happened, but also what effects the accident has had on you and your family.
  • We help protect evidence. This is critical in establishing negligence in court. Evidence can be easily lost or destroyed, so it is very important to preserve evidence relevant to your case.
  • We interact with difficult and heavy-handed insurance companies and their veteran claims adjusters. We have represented several major insurance companies, so we understand both sides of these complex cases.
  • We do things the right way. We make sure your case is handled within the legal time limits and according to all local legal requirements.
  • We go to court prepared to fight hard for you. Take a look at our client testimonials to see how satisfied our clients have been with our service. We have vast experience trying cases to a jury verdict and have collectively tried well over 200 jury trials.

Of course, you need to first seek medical attention, but you also need to get legal representation quickly to protect your rights and get all the compensation you deserve.

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