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The immense size and weight of semi trucks makes them especially dangerous. These vehicles can be extremely hazardous to other drivers if operated recklessly or if not maintained regularly. Unfortunately, such accidents are common in the United States, resulting in more than 4,000 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries annually.

At The McGarity Group, our attorneys and dedicated staff understand the devastation a truck accident can cause for you and your family. We are here to stand by your side and assist you in recovering the damages you deserve. We know that trucking and insurance companies aggressively defend these claims and we are prepared to fight even hard on your behalf.

Why Trucking Accidents Are So Common

In many cases, trucking accidents can be attributed to the negligence of the truck driver, trucking company or both. Common causes include:

  • Driver fatigue: Each year many truck accidents are attributed to fatigue. For truck drivers, time is money. Many drivers go over the legal limit of allowed hours per week and suffer from exhaustion. However, fatigued drivers are usually easy to spot. If you notice a truck driver swerving, or increasing or decreasing speed suddenly, change lanes and avoid them.
  • Driver intoxication: Drunk driving is illegal and extremely dangerous. Operating any vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous. However, drunk truck drivers pose an especially serious threat to the welfare of other drivers.
  • Driver distraction: Talking or texting on a cell phone, eating or drinking and other distracting behaviors that can divert a truck driver’s attention away from the road, causing catastrophic injury to other drivers. In many cases, trucking companies require drivers to immediately respond to radio communications, even when it isn’t safe to do so.
  • Negligent maintenance: Trucks endure a lot of wear and tear. They need to be inspected regularly and serviced as soon as a problem is spotted. Too many truck drivers and companies ignore this duty, increasing the risk of an accident caused by worn-out brakes, bald tires and other hazards.
  • Defective parts: A truck that contains malfunctioning parts is a peril to passenger cars and motorcycles. Defective brakes, hitches, and tires can cause a truck to lose control and collide with several vehicles.

As soon as you hire our legal team, we set to work investigating your case to determine why the accident happened and who was at fault. We then fight for maximum compensation for your family in a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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