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Metro Atlanta Accidental Death Attorneys

Separate and distinct from wrongful death, accidental death in Georgia involves a death resulting from any unanticipated event. Legally, an accidental death could be caused by anyone, including the person who died. Often, accidental deaths are covered by special accidental death insurance policies, but this type of coverage is also available as a life insurance policy rider. Benefits from these policies are paid to one or more beneficiaries listed on the policy, regardless of their relationship to the deceased.

When an accidental death lawsuit may be required

Not all accidental deaths are covered by insurance, but in many cases, a supposedly covered accidental death may be denied because of debatable insurance company interpretation of policy terms or conditions. The following are two examples of typical cases when it makes sense to consider filing an accidental death lawsuit in Gwinnett County:

  • If an insurance company reduces or denies a valid claim, perhaps because it declares the cause of death is not covered
  • If the insurance policy payments lapsed as a direct result of the inability of the deceased to continue payments due to severe injuries sustained prior to death

If an insurance company reduces or denies your Georgia accidental death claim, it may not make sense to simply accept its decision before consulting with an attorney. It takes an attorney experienced in interpreting accidental death insurance policies to determine if the insurance company is making a valid decision. When the insurance company makes a disputable decision, a skilled accidental death lawyer can often successfully negotiate on your behalf or even take the case to court when necessary.

When you are dealing with the emotional turmoil surrounding the loss of a close friend or loved one, you cannot count on your judgment to do the right thing. The Buford accidental death attorneys of The McGarity Group can help you understand your legal options when dealing with your loss. Call us today at 770-932-8477 or contact us online.

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