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Medical Malpractice Claims Following a Birth Injury

| Feb 10, 2014 | Personal Injury

While significant birth injuries account for less than 2 percent of neonatal deaths, non-fatal birth injuries are fairly commonplace. On average, there are between six and eight birth injuries for every 1,000 live births. Some of these injuries heal quickly without medical intervention or following short-term medical treatment, while others can have lifelong consequences and require lifetime care. If your baby suffers a birth injury that is caused by physician error, staff member negligence or hospital mistake, you may be able to sue for damages.

Common causes of birth injuries

Common causes of birth injuries include:

  • Failure of medical staff to anticipate complications involving larger babies
  • Failure of medical staff to respond appropriately to maternal bleeding
  • Oxygen deprivation to the infant during the birthing process
  • Failure to adequately respond to signs of fetal distress
  • Not ordering a cesarean section when medically required
  • Misusing a forceps or a vacuum extractor during the birthing process
  • Use of excessive force while delivering the baby (or improper rotational force)

If your child suffers a birth injury, you may be able to sue a number of parties for the resulting harm including the nursing staff, hospitals or birth clinic, attending physician and any physician who may have misdiagnosed the injury.

An experienced Gwinnett and Atlanta area birth injury attorney can help you to compile the evidence required to identify who was responsible for your baby’s harm and advocate for the damages that you deserve. Our Gwinnett County medical malpractice attorneys have seen much success representing victims of all aspects of malpractice or negligence.