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Injured in an Amusement Park— When Can You Sue?

| Feb 3, 2014 | Personal Injury

This past July, a woman was killed in Six Flags Over Texas when she fell off a roller coaster during a sudden maneuver. According to a witness at the scene, before the ride started the woman expressed concern to a park employee that she was not properly secured in her seat. Most amusement park patrons expect to have a fun-filled day with family — but hazards can destroy that fun very quickly.

What kinds of accidents occur in amusement parks?

Amusement park injuries include:

  • Falls from poorly maintained or negligently operated rides
  • Slips and falls on walkways or amusement park grounds
  • Food poisoning
  • Drowning in pools and ponds that are not properly fenced or supervised
  • Third party assaults, including sexual assaults

When are amusement parks liable for hazards?

Amusement park operators must take ordinary care to remove hazards on their property. Ordinary care includes maintaining rides and making sure that there is proper security. You may be entitled to damages if you are harmed by a hazard on amusement-park property. In addition, property owners, such as amusement park operators, who have reason to believe that a patron can be assaulted must arrange for proper security. To establish your claims, you must show that the amusement park owner failed to exercise ordinary care to fix the condition or failed to have property security procedures in place.

If you or a relative has suffered injuries from an accident or assault in an amusement park, you may be able to claim damages against a number of parties, including the park operators. The first step to receiving the compensation that you deserve is to contact an experienced Gwinnett and Atlanta area personal injury attorney.