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Bicycle Accidents — Getting the Damages You Deserve

| Dec 26, 2013 | Personal Injury

In October, Atlanta police cited a driver for an improper left turn after he hit a cyclist at the corner of Peachtree Street and Beverly Road. The cyclist sustained facial injuries, lost several teeth, and was transported to a local hospital.

What are some common types of cycling accidents?

Common cycling accidents include:

  • Cars hitting cyclists from the right side — For example, while pulling out of a parking lot or while a cyclist is crossing a busy road
  • Injuries to cyclists that occur while the cyclist is crossing the street — motorists may not expect a cyclist to be in a crosswalk
  • Cyclists crashing into open car doors — Motorists may open doors suddenly without looking for a cyclist.
  • Rear-ending — Cyclists generally travel slower than the speed of traffic and must take extreme care to avoid being hit from the back
  • Sideswiping injuries — Cyclists should never ride too closely to cars and trucks
  • Crashing into opposing traffic — Head-on crashes involving cyclists can have devastating results

Who is responsible for your injuries?

If you are a cyclist who has been injured in an accident, potentially liable parties include the driver of the vehicle that hit you, parts and equipment manufacturers and repair shops. In addition, if you are injured by a commercial driver you may, in certain cases, be able to sue the driver’s employer.

Potential obstacles to claiming damages

Your damages can be reduced if the driver’s lawyer or insurance company can show that you violated a traffic law or contributed to your own injuries. Examples of behavior that can reduce your damage claims include failing to wear a bicycle helmet or cycling the wrong way down a one-way street. In addition, you must sue within two years of the date of accident, so it is crucial to act quickly.

If you or a relative is injured in a cycling accident, contact a seasoned Gwinnett and Atlanta-area personal injury attorney who can help you evaluate your strategies for compensation and fight aggressively for your damage claims.