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| Sep 30, 2013 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Uncategorized

Drunk driving can be a costly mistake for any perpetrator, including celebrities. Take former Fox 5 broadcast anchor Amanda Davis, whose DUI in November ruined her career. Atlanta police arrested Davis on November 11 for DUI, reckless driving, and failure to maintain lane. Soon afterwards, Davis was suspended from her on-air spot, and in April, she retired from the program. Now she is awaiting trial. Davis has paid a high social cost and may have to pay fines as well. If she had hit someone while driving drunk, the monetary cost of Davis’ behavior could have been even higher.

If you have been injured in a car crash caused by a drunk driver, you can sue for ― and potentially recover ― special, general, and punitive damages.

At-fault auto accident defendants pay “special” and often “general” damages to the victim

All auto accident defendants, including drunk drivers, found liable for injuring others are subject to pay two kinds of damages to the victim. First, they must pay for the victim’s “special” or economic damages, which may include medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost wages. Then, they often have to pay for intangible, or “general,” damages. These cover non-economic losses for the victim’s pain, suffering and mental distress.

Drunk drivers who injure others in car accidents also have to pay “punitive” damages

In addition to the damages listed above, drunk drivers who hurt others must also pay “punitive” damages. These damages are meant to punish the drunk driver for particularly reckless behavior. They are also meant to make an example of the drunk driver to deter other drivers from making similar mistakes. Under Georgia law, defendants can be made to pay damages up to a maximum of $250,000.

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By J. Michael McGarity | Published September 30, 2013 | Posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents